Class Rules

Thank you for your interest in Micro Class rules.

Here you can find the latest official edition of the Micro Class Rules – edition 2015-2018.  Class rules are defined and presented in English language.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

In addition to the rules, here you can download the official MEASUREMENT CERTIFICATE.

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Part D – Documents

Official class rules are accompanied by the following documents


Amendments 2016

Amendments of the Micro 18 Class Rules, published on World Sailing in May 2016 (download here –>).

Rules Translations

Besides the official class rules in English, you can find here translated class rules in other languages.

Please note that these translations were provided by the respective national Micro Class associations.

As stated in the Class Rule 01.01.01 :

The official language of the Class is English and in case of dispute over translation the English text shall prevail.


SRB Italian version:    Regole di Classe Micro (revisions 2016, 2018)

FRA French version:    MicroClassRegles2006v08 (revisions 2006, 2007, 2008)

GER German version:   MicroClassRegeln2002 (edition 2002)

RUS Russian version:   MicroClassRules2006v07_A4_RUS (revisions 2006, 2007)

SRB Serbian version:    PravilaMikroKlase2006v8 (revisions 2006, 2008)


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