35th Micr’Eau d’Heure @ S.N.E.H, Froidchapelle, BEL
Oct 18 – Oct 20 all-day
Europeenne Micro 2014 @ ACAL
Apr 30 – May 3 all-day

Micro Class France & Aquatic Club Alsace and Lorraine will organize French Euro Micro 2014 leg from 1st of May to 4th of May.This superb sailing venue, located in East part of France, is easy to access for most of European Micro competitors. With a large contribution of French Micro to this early season event it will be a great regatta.

Taking advantage of 4 days regatta, two events evening will be organised in the New Club House venue. Friday May 2nd Crew Diner and saturday May 3rd Micro Class barbecue Party.

First leg of the intertional season, as 1 st step of French Classic Tour, we are looking for you in Plobsheim/Strasbourg for a sportive and festive week end.


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