This page contains the information on IMCCA defined fees. You can find the information on:

  • the types of fees
  • IMCCA Bank Account information
  • alternative ways to make the payment


Fees Description

Fee Type Amount Payee
Yearly Fee 100 EUR National Micro Class Associations
Yearly Personal Fee 15 EUR For individuals, not from a member nation (mandatory for the helmsman in the World Championship; free for others).
If the nation becomes an IMCCA member, the fees are included in the National Class Association fee.
Euro-Micro Fee 0 EUR
/ ranked boat
National Micro Class Associations or organising club
Certification Fee
See Regulation E
250 EUR
/ boat type
Manufacturer or managing authority
(for productions launched from 2005)
Re-certification Fee 125 EUR
/ boat type
Manufacturer or managing authority
(for boats refused before 2005, new versions of certified from 2005 or accepted before 2005)
ISAF Boat Fee – individual
See Regulation F
70 EUR Boat owner
ISAF Boat Fee – plaques, per pack of 10 or more 55 EUR Licensed Builders, National Micro Class Associations


Bank Account Information

Bank: Sparkasse Burbach-Neunkirchen
Account Name: Mikhail Vvedenskii
Account Number: 46051240
IBAN: DE39 4605 1240 0000 5696 73
Reference: IMCCA annual fee + Nationality letters and year ex: “GER2010” – or …
ISAF plaques + Nr of invoice – or …
Certification fee + name of boat type


Payable to

  • direct transfer to the bank account of IMCCA, all expenses included
  • in cash to the treasurer, a representative of the treasurer or a representative of the Small Executive Committee